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Your basket page

The item you have selected will be described next to a photograph of the product.  Please check the style and colour are correct.  The photograph will show the style you have chosen but does not relate to the colour selection.  If the item described is not the one you want click "remove" to the right of the text and "continue shopping" button bottom left.

On your basket page click "shipping info" if you would like to see how your long your item will take to deliver and an estimate of how much it will cost.

On your basket page you can also read more about our returns, secure payment and privacy policies.

Once you are happy with your selection click "pay securely" button bottom right to go to Step 1. of our 2 step checkout process.

Checkout Step 1.

To confirm your order enter your contact email, address and phone number.

If your shipping address is different to your main address go to the bottom of the address and un-tick the check box.  This will allow you enter a different shipping address.

We need to know your shipping address before we can confirm the final shipping cost.  You will not be asked for your credit card details before we have confirmed the shipping cost.

Once you are happy with the details entered click "continue to next page" button bottom right to go to Step 2. of our 2 step checkout process.

Checkout Step 2.

The item you are purchasing will be confirmed.

Select your shipping method from the dropdown menu.  The final price including shipping will appear in the grey box on top right.

Once you are happy with your selection choose to pay via Paypal or credit card by selecting the box next to the Paypal/credit card icons.  If paying by credit card complete the credit card information form including the card security code (the three last digits on the reverse of your card).

You have the option to receive updates from Pokit from time to time.  If you do not wish to receive updates make sure the check box does not have a tick in it.

Once you are happy with the details entered click "complete my purchase" button bottom right and you will receive an order confirmation email.  Once your order has been shipped you will receive a second email with the TNT tracking number.  If you not wish to complete your purchase at this time you can cancel your order by clicking "cancel and return to store" button bottom right.