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POKIT is a UK design studio.  We design menswear, womenswear, shoes, bags and accessories.  Founded in London in 1999 by designers Bayode Oduwole and Claire Pringle POKIT is best described as that rare entity the Japanese call a 'character brand'. Original and alternative our products are outside the mainstream and easily identifiable. This is because they belong to a complete artistic vision and creative narrative with each product consistently representing the whole.



POKIT began making saddlery-made leather goods including bags and accessories. We converge traditional techniques with avant-garde values. We love what we do and what we do is timeless and understated.

The POKIT bag's distinctive and sculpted shape comes from the fact that they are designed with purity of line in mind. It is a result of considered and functional design in a way that minimises excesses but keeps character, any POKIT bag or accessory is a guarantee of premium quality; streamlined, tactile and robust. We've always set out to create beautiful things for everyday use which people love.

All our bags and accessories are made from the finest English equestrian leathers using the highest-grade English bridle leather for its superior tensile strength and distinctive character. 

A visit to the Curriers, Walsall, England

So that they last longer all POKIT goods always use the best traditional materials such as fishing netting made in Bridport, leathers that are oiled, vegetable tanned and drum dyed in the centuries old tradition, and bridle leather which get better with age and don't wear.

Our canvases are still manufactured in the north of England in the traditional way; real vulcanized canvas, a two-ply cotton that is bonded with natural rubber and is the historic method for making fabrics waterproof. It is also the same fabric used for traditional English hunting satchels.




Seven Foot Cowboy was launched in 2010 as a progressive jean brand. It was born out of the the directional two year collaboration project and joint label, Rough Riders designed by POKIT for Lee Jeans Japan.

A unique dissection of the jean, Seven Foot Cowboy is the heroic American jean given the inimitable POKIT style treatment. It is a larger than life take on the American West and with its 1950’s inspired artwork it has also developed its own unique and specific cult following of denim enthusiasts and selvedge aficionados.

The jeans convey that 'dead-stock' feeling but they're designed in every way to be the modern working cowboy jean...even if they're only worn in West London. Product and performance comes first just as you would expect from POKIT.


Seven Foot Cowboy Jeans by POKIT



POKIT had a unique style signature at a time when the only language for minimalism in fashion and style was either black or black nylon. POKIT uses traditional craft and materials to deliver sustainabilty through quality which simply means that our products are made to last. We have consistently maintained this design etiquette that takes into account durability, function and of course style.

POKIT design duo Bayode and Claire are the quintessential British designers. They come from a style-led tradition of London designers who work intuitively in an autobiographical style to reflect and narrate their history and the cultural experiences growing up in London.  This approach of using  vernacular London style set POKIT apart right from the beginning by being able to be lyrical, romantic and modern simultaneously to produce, time and again diverse work of ingenuity and versatility.

The Horace slip-on brogue designed 2000 is a classic example of POKIT design style


 POKIT's first product was timely; a stylish range of premium, nylon bags with the iconic capsule bag being one of them.

They recognised and applied simple geometry - the shape of a sphere is more spacious than a box or a standard two-sided holdall. This inclusion of volume became the design principle and a consistent theme in POKIT bags.

By 2001 POKIT expanded their rational design theory into ready-to-wear clothes offering a head-to-toe look in their signature English style. Their collections were presented as small and permanent collections both raising and addressing a specific notion, often revisiting and developing these themes and ideas further and what Time Out wrote in 2002 still holds true today read


R. Buckminster Fuller, Architect, Systems designer, Inventor whose work inspired the Capsule bag

The POKIT capsule launched 2001 Stone Cold Classic collection

Modern Outfitters, the POKIT shop 132 Wardour Street, W1


Since inception POKIT's detail-oriented approach has been woven into the fabric of every aspect of our work including how we contextualise our products.

The first of our destination shops opened in London on Fernhead Road, W9 in 2001. Named 'The Outfitters' because it was set out along the principles of a traditional English outfitters which were iconic and universal establishments where the seventeen year old fashion forward and the seventy year old gentleman alike got their styles and clothes. Their inimitable style gained reputation strong enough to draw customers to this obscure corner of West London.

POKIT Lamb's Conduit Street, WC1 shop opened in 2005. It was often referred to by visitors as more instillation than shop. It was a stylised and ambitious interior which took forward our idea of The Modern Outfitter and it was where we added on-site bespoke tailoring.

From 2009 - 2014 the POKIT shop was based on Wardour Street in Soho, W1, "'s the kind of shop from back in the day when you dialled (01) - for London" was one remark made by a visitor and a sentiment held by many more. Our customers exemplify this, they are original and free thinking individuals. With its off-kilter looks and still below the radar, the contrast of this busy central location and our 'slow-fashion' approach confirmed POKIT's position as a must-see and go-to spot for the fashion and design cognoscenti. 


Whilst Bayode holds a BSc (Hons) in pharmaceutical sciences and has a history of working in science. Claire’s credentials include a BA from SOAS and an MA in Japanese studies, followed by a period at Phillips’ international auction house in the picture department.  Such diverse experiences have served the POKIT label well in our progressive thinking and lateral approach to design.

This creative duo are respected for their creative direction, design and eccentric personal style. Bayode and Claire  have  consulted and contributed for various other brands. However, their priority has always been to make sure the integrity of the product comes first down to the individual customer level. This uncompromising side to their personality and distinctive personal style has created this cohesive and interesting character brand.