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Press features on Pokit and Creative Director Bayode Oduwole

The Telegraph, Stella Magazine, October 2015

The Telegraph, Stella Magazine, October 2015

The Telegraph feature POKIT interior

"The husband and wife team bringing style savvy to the seaside.."

GQ, May 2014

Time Out January 2014

Thank you Time Out London for listing us as one of the top 100 shops in London

Time Out, 7th January 2014

 "I want a suit I can swing an axe in..."

Artist and Stylist Barry Kamen tells Time Out why he loves Pokit....

Stella Magazine, Sunday Telegraph 28 April 2013

 Pokit Creative Director Bayode Oduwole talks to Alfred Tong about how he found his style for Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine

How to Spend it Magazine, Financial times 12 April 2013


 Pokit opens Mark O'Flaherty's feature on the rise of 'The Outfitter'

Jocks and Nerds Magazine, Spring 2013

 The Negrit Brothers styled by Barry Kamen in Pokit suits


The Heritage Post, Germany, April 2013


The Heritage Post, Germany, January 2013


Safari magazine, Japan, March 2013


So-En Magazine, Japan, March 2013