"This is how this bag came into being..."


top: sketches for #pokit bridle capsule mark i and mark ii

bottom: #pokit bridle capsule mark i in Fudge magazine Oct 2008

The origins of the Bridle Capsule began when we worked on the concept of hard shell bags, exoskeletons. 3.5mm bridle was perfect as it retained shape and structure all on it's own. It was then moulded and beaten into shape. A sort of study in bridle - the skeletal use of bridle. The one we call the "Bridle Capsule" now is actually Mark II, a progression of this idea. Less curviliniar than the Mark I it is still born out of the idea of using spheres and geodhesic domes to acheive more volume/storage space.

The Mark II was really used to tackle a personal hatred of ours, that is dual function bags, it needed to be hand held plus a shoulder bag. By adding a handle on the back gave it a better balance point without using the lid and thereby placing stress on the buckles, the norm with this type of bag. Visually the Mark II drew it's lines from our familiar hexagon, much more angularity to it.

Once the mechanics were worked out during prototyping we then fitted it for use. Adding pockets under the flap and inside. Most ingeniously we put a zip pocket on the back to give quick access for a phone or wallet as the front buckles make it less accessable than our usual quick release magnets found on the Classic Capsules. And to stop the unsightly dangling strap if carrying in the hand rather than using as a shoulder bag we fitted a keeper clasp with a sam brown stud on the back to tuck the strap away neatly. Like many of our designs it has been about revisiting a concept and evolving an idea to reach a point we are happy with, it was released last year but the earlist drawing I remember were in 2004-2005.