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Last train from Astrakan


Could anyone style the Astrakhan hat as well as His highness Aga Khan IV?  We think Salim Ahmed Kashmirwala has done great job….Astrakhan hats now in store, £165 also available in brown.

There are many myths about astrakhan here are just a few facts…

…our one’ s just lamb’s fleece from the Karakul breed of sheep. Many style tribes have laid claim to this simple and iconic hat from pan-African heads of state and diplomats like Kwame Nkruma and my father, Mohammed Ali Jinah to ‘Papa Josheph Stalin’ and our very own Winston Churchil. It has been much maligned as the head gear of despots however, I f feel it is its very distinguished simplicity and regal appearance that has allowed it to endure. I also have it on good authority that it used to be the official ceremonial head dress of the Royal Tank Regiment. The astrakhan hat or Papakah (in Russian, which I suppose is it true country of orign where it was also military issue) has moved in to the pantheon of English gentleman’s wardrobe and it is no stranger to St James’s where it has been ensconced for many generations, just think Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

There is only one way to wear this hat in my opinion - obviously cos’ it’s my blog -and that is tilted, at a jaunty and raffish angle, 2 O’clockish envelope closed elegantly poised and stuck to your head like a limpit!

Oh…and it’s really warm, the best hat for winter.